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Links can be thought of as as “votes” to determine the popularity and relevance of your website. The more such votes you have, and from influential sources, the better your site is deemed to be.

Unfortunately, many fly-by-night SEO Agencies, who’s only interest is in showing short term results, abused this tactic to generate artificial links from all sorts of sources. Such links add NO value to either users or search engines, and put you and your website at serious risk. The end result is algorithmic penalties like Penguin, or worse, manual penalties imposed by the Google Web Spam Team.

The only way to get beneficial links is to “earn” them with high quality value added content, and outreach program to place them in appropriate, manually vetted locations. These links benefit you in two ways:

  • You get brand exposure, and qualified traffic, which can actually click and become a qualified lead (or sale)
  • When search engines note qualified traffic coming your way (and taking positive actions, as reflected in dwell times, engagement), they will actually give weight age to such links, which reflects in your rankings.

Based on our experience, 1 thoughtful good quality link outweights 100 poor quality, random links. In fact, links from the wrong neighborhood can actively taint your website, and tank your rankings.

Hence, our link building services are closely tied in with our Content Marketing services, as well as audit and disavow of toxic links. This is a necessary step prior to planning and executing any link building campaign.

Once this step is done, we will create fabulous content, using the skyscraper technique, and ensure you get maximum benefit and exposure from it, so that you attract links naturally, and consistently over a period of time.


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