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A Website may be a corporate site, a startup or an E-Commerce Store, but the right usability-centric design can make or break any such web property. Whether you are looking to get a new website developed, overhaul an existing one, or start from scratch, we will have a perfect solution for you. We have been designing websites since 1996, and know what it takes to have the perfect online presence.

Our process includes:

  1. Platform Selection :
    • E-Commerce Websites (which are classified as Your-Money-or-Your-Life by Google) : We will study your projected number of categories, products, registered users, marketing and content plan, need for advanced functionalities, and recommend either a self hosted solution (Magento, Cs-Cart, Woocommerce), or a SAAS solution (Shopify, Bigcommerce). We will transparently guide you with our detailed thought process, so you don’t get “locked-in” to a particular solution down the line, and make sure complexity is well balanced with growth headroom and functionality.
    • Non-Ecommerce Website : We will recommend from WordPress, Wix, or a HTML + CSS Static Website depending on your business needs. We will also recommend geo-optimized, SSD & CDN enabled hosting depending on the location of your customers.
  2. SEO Friendly Website Structure & Navigation : We will create a well-optimized base for your website, so you are able to levarage the power of SEO and natural organic growth, along with a great user experience.
  3. Responsive, Mobile Friendly Design : 7 out of 10 visitors to a website access them via a mobile device. We will create and test your website in all common resolutions and devices, to make sure it looks great for each and every visitor.
  4. Load Speeds : Our website creation plan makes sure that the website loads fast in all target countries and for user devices by optimizing HTML, CSS, Images, and Time to First Byte, amongst other things
  5. Usability & Bug Analysis : Post launch, we will monitor your new website with session tracking & heatmap tools to finetune UI/UX as well as conversion rate by identifying areas where visitors are getting confused. This process will make your website a well oiled, conversion focussed machine!


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