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Content Marketing Services

Customers today hate being marketed to!  

The focus has shifted to storytelling, and engaging a clearly defined target audiences with visually interesting, and unique value-adding content (think videos, ebooks, social media posts, blog posts and infographics).

This in turns drives brand building, and “pulls” such customers towards the products and services you sell.

Think of a fictitious company selling a supposedly boring product like Fans.
Now, as a potential Customer, which of the following would catch YOUR attention better?

A writeup about the company history, awards the company has got, and the product range with specifications


Interesting, picture rich articles on

How to choose the perfect fan for your living room?
or “When to know that it’s time to replace the fans in your house?”,
or even “Fans used in the homes of the rich and famous


The answer is easy, right?  Content Marketing, when done right, helps do the following:

  • Branding & Differentiation
  • Drive Sales, and increases the Average Order Value and Purchase Frequency
  • Build Trust
  • Help with SEO & Rankings
  • Positions the Owner or Business as an authority in their industry

Our Process

Content Marketing Process


While driving a content marketing plan, it’s important to have a structured approach, to get maximum benefit and ROI. Our process for this is:

  • Detailed Content Inventory & Audit: We study your existing website, blog & social media profile to build an inventory of your content assets. We then cross reference the strongest content against data from Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools to understand what’s performing well, and what needs to go.

  • Content Marketing Strategy: We also study your industry, your competitors, and your customer profiles, to define your Content Marketing Strategy. This helps us create (and distribute) the kind of content which will drive the maximum value for you, in terms of branding, SEO rankings, and sales.We will create a Content Marketing Calendar for you, and establish frequency at which fresh content should be put in; and existing content reviewed and updated, as needed.

  • Content Promotion: Merely having pieces of sizzling content on your website, blog or social media is not enough. They need to reach your desired target audience. We promote the content via channels like:

    • Social Media (Free & Paid): Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc
    • Google Ads
    • Email Newsletters
    • SEO
    • Remarketing Ads
    • Influencer Marketing
  • Analytics: We will track and measure the success of the Content Marketing campaign, and use it to understand what type of content works best for you. We will then use that information to fine tune your campaign and boost ROI and conversions.

Types of Content used

Content Marketing Types


Each business has different dynamics, and therefore what works well for one, may not for another. We look at your competitors, your industry and inputs from you to determine what would work well from our toolkit. Our content marketing plan is based on a combination of the following pieces:

  • Blog Content: If you already have a blog, we study it to build a brand “story” via compelling blog posts. If not, we create one for you.

  • Infographics: Even the most boring niche can be made interesting by creating infographics full of facts, attractive graphics and valuable tips.

  • Case Studies & Whitepapers: These allow you to showcase your strengths and customer successes with in-depth information and facts. These are extremely important for businesses that serve other businesses, or those that sell high ticket products and services.

  • Ebooks: These serve to establish the author (preferably the business owner) as an authority, and the go-to-guy for a particular industry. The key here is to genuinely offer tremendous value in terms of content, which sets you and your company apart from your competitors in the minds and hearts of your customers.

  • Videos: We can create explainer videos for your company, which engage your target audience with a rich and visual storytelling format.

  • Web Copy: We can craft compelling copy for your website Categories, Products and Landing pages to drive conversions, and also rank well in search engines.

  • Email Marketing Automation & Funnels: We harness the power of technology to automatically send a series of carefully crafted emails to your customers & email subscribers. The idea is to warm them up to your brand and products, rather than bombard them with sales copy.We can set up such automated “Drip Email Marketing” campaigns so that only the subscribers who read your emails get the subsequent email. This drives up conversions, while ensuring your customers don’t get annoyed and unsubscribe.

  • Articles & Press Releases: We can write value-adding articles and distribute them at a select set of high-quality content publishers, which are relevant to your industry. We can also create and distribute impeccably crafted Press Releases to promote your products & services.


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