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Super impressed by the promptness, detailing, and in-depth knowledge of what they do. They have researched our industry and our competitors extremely well to help us position amongst the top. Again, just loved the way they go deep into their work to make sure that their clients get the maximum benefits out the time and money spent.

Saorabh Saaboo, (CEO, Anil International)

Amit is one of the sharpest E-Commerce Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer who I have worked with. He brings proven and practical insights about Business, Technology, and Online Marketing to the table, which give him a unique edge. A people person, he is truly a pleasure to work with.

Priyanka Agarwal, (CEO, Wishberry Films and Co-Founder

We would like to thank Mr. Amit Khetan for his very active involvement right from the conceptual stage till the creation of our store. We also appreciate the whole store was completed and was launched within the time limit agreed. We are totally satisfied with the services provided and I would like to wish Mr. Khetan and his company the very best in all their future endeavours.

Piyush Kapoor (CFO, York Perfumes)

Amit and I successfully co-founded and exited, Ahmedabad Online in 1998, at the time, India’s first B2B online portal. Through that project Amit demonstrated very sharp business acumen, deep technology expertise and a general understanding of internet business models that far exceeded the state of practice at the time. Since then, Amit has been a successful serial entrepreneur with over 3-4 major “firsts” across the Indian internet landscape. I strongly recommend Amit for any internet opportunities and business opportunities more broadly.

Kush Saxena (EVP, Mastercard)

Amit is one of the few Internet entrepreneurs in India who have been running a profitable e-commerce venture for more than a decade. Identifying and monetizing niche business opportunities on the Internet is his passion. He is also a great leader of his team.

Gaurav Jain (Consumer Analyst, Barclays Investment Bank)

Amit and I worked together at CITI. Keen on detail in banking operations Amit’s contributions helped deliver well configured technology solutions to the banking floor. A people’s man, he was an excellent colleague to work with who made work “easy” in a complex environment. I wish Amit good luck in his endeavours.

Narasimham Nittala (Senior Manager, Canadian Western Bank)


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