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Initial Discussion

Build Stage : You may be in need of a website – E-Commerce, Catalogue or Single Pager. You may also be looking to revamp an existing website. We will discuss with you in depth, to understand your goals, business, past work done, and constraints, and will suggest solutions which fit your use-case best.

Promote Stage : Unless you already know which specific promotion tool you need, we will ask questions to understand your business, and suggest a tailored mix of tools like Organic SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and more. Our goal is to help YOU achieve YOUR goals with the minimum cost and effort.

Problem Resolution Stage : Your website or marketing not performing as expected? Perhaps you are grappling with falling traffic and / or penalties? Don’t worry : We will help with UI / UX / CRO and data analysis to figure out the bottlenecks. We will also help identify if there are any penalties, so we can start rolling up our sleeves to get to work.

Brainstorming & Planning

Once we mutually have a clear idea of requirements, we will brainstorm and generate a detailed plan of action with S.M.A.R.T. Goals. We will break these down into activities, along with target dates, and specific deliverables.

In case we need content or other assets from you, we will request OR help you figure out how best to generate those.

The aim of this stage is to clearly understand and synchronize the strategic and tactical plan to meet your business goal.

This serves as a starting point, and a yardstick to measure progress, but it is not cast in stone – It can be re-analyzed and refined in consultation with you, in case your needs change during the course of the engagement.

Wireframing & Setup

This stage sets the structure and the nuts and bolts of the deliverables.

Web Design : At this stage, the choice of platform is already clear. We will create rough structure and design mockups in the chosen CMS. Post your approval, we will continue to flesh out and finalize the site, and keep you updated of progress.

In case the content population is to be done at your end (e.g. product uploads), we will help your team understand and finish the activities at this stage.

SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media : Here we will start generating and executing the campaign structure and its contents, be they Ads, Blog Posts, Profiles and Posts, Link Building or Email Campaigns. These will be created only after a very detailed Keyword and Competitor Research, along with a Digital Asset & Content Audit and a review of past work done.

Penalty Removal  : Here, correct diagnosing the problem is half the battle, and we will take a 360 degree view of the trouble spots. We will then start attacking the problem in a comprehensive manner to get your site bouncing back as quickly as possible.

Testing & User Review

Once the deliverables reach the agreed upon milestone(s), we will first internally check the work in terms of:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Proof Reading
  • Adherance to internal and external standards
  • Multi Device & Location Testing
  • Speed Testing

We will then share with you or your designated team members for a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to ensure a second level of vetting, and course correct as needed, prior to launch.

Launch & Followup

Launch & Followup

For Website Revamp or Creation, we will carefully choose your preferred launch window, and go-live after carefully taking a backup of any existing assets.

We will also have a mapping plan (technically called 301 redirects) already in place, so you don’t experience the drop in visitors and sales which typically accompanies a site revamp.

For other activities, we will continue sharing the progress reports, and will keep reviewing the key metrics even after the engagement ends. This will help us advice if any follow-on action is recommended, and keeps tabs on key indicators post launch.


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