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Social Media Marketing

Social Media plays a critical role not only in driving direct targeted traffic, but also for building long term engagement and exposure to your products, services and brands.

Whether you are a B2B or a B2C business, networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc will help you in the following ways:

  • Build Brand Awareness amongst your Target Audience and increase Relevant Likes & Followers
  • Top-of-Mind Recall and Engagement to build long term Relationship
  • Drive Traffic & Revenues through Remarketing & Targeted Ads
  • Benefit your Organic SEO by sending the right signals to various search engines.

We work with the following Social Media Channels:


Our Process

Social Media Marketing - Our Process


  • Social Media Strategy : We study your business model and goals and then conduct a thorough audit of your existing Social Media Profiles, Assets, and Engagement levels. We also do a detailed analysis of the social media efforts of your key competitors for spotting opportunities and idea. We then create a highly customized plan keeping in mind your business needs and budget.


  • Social Media Calendar, Execution Plan and Profile Creation : Based on the strategy, shortlisted networks, and the content mix, we create a detailed Social Media Calendar along with the details of what will be posted when. We then create / rework the necessary profiles, and make sure they are keyword rich, SEO optimized, and present a professional look and feel


  • Content Creation : The main purpose of Social Media is to entertain & connect. Hence our content creation experience skillfully weaves in entertainment + brand messaging for maximum impact. Depending on what is likely to work best for your business, we will create and post content like:


  • Blog Posts (including Photos and / or Videos)
  • Contests & Quizzes
  • Boosted / Promoted Posts
  • Lead Magnets & Funnels
  • Encouraging Reviews & Ratings from your Customers


  • Monitoring & Reporting : We share a monthly report of the key metrics of your social media campaigns, along with learnings and recommendations. You can reach out to us in real time for any queries or concerns, and we would be happy to share our advice and feedback.


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