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Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

Search Engines like Google show different results for the same search query, depending upon the location of the searcher. They do this to show highly relevant results, based on geographical proximity between the searcher and the business.

A search query for “best corporate lawyer” will throw up very different results, when searched from New York, compared to Sydney. The results will often include a Map showing nearby lawyers, along with Addresses, Phone Numbers and Reviews.

How high you rank depends on:

  • Proximity: Your geographical distance from the searcher
  • Search Relevance: How well does your business match the specific search term used by the searcher?
  • Reputation: Businesses with good reviews are obviously preferred over those with poor or no ratings & reviews. This helps search engines connect searches with reputable businesses.

As you can imagine, the conversion rate for such searches is extremely high due to the results being targeted and highly relevant.

Thus, no business can afford to overlook this extremely vital source of leads and sales.

How can Local SEO help my business?

Almost half the search queries today have a “local” intent, and the mobile phone has become the new phone book.

If you are a local business, or your business sells products & services to certain specific areas, or you have offices in multiple locations; you can benefit tremendously from a cohesive Local SEO Strategy.

When local visitors search for products & services similar to the ones you are selling, you can huge benefits from your Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Website URL, and Business Reviews showing up prominently and consistently.

More than 50% businesses neglect this powerful sales channel, or don’t have consistent local information in all relevant directories and listings. This helps you crush your local competitors, and generate more leads and sales when you use our Local SEO services!


Our Local SEO Services

Local SEO Process


  • Website Localization: If your business has several physical locations, we ensure separate keyword and content rich pages are created for each geographical area, so that local visitors in each location can be targeted and matched effectively.


  • Claim Local Listings: We will claim consistent Name, Addresses, Phone Number and Website URL on various search engines and local directories. This helps boost both local SEO rankings (google figures, if you have conflicting contact information at various places, you can’t be a really reliable business, worth ranking high!), as well as correct inbound leads.


  • Search Engine Business Listings: We will create or update listings like Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Yahoo Local and other prominent directories.


  • Citation Audit & Cleanup: Over the years, changes in business phone phone numbers, addresses, email contact information, and even website urls, creates a huge profile of out-of-date listings across various web directories and sources.They confuse Search Engines as to your correct coordinates, and also results in missed opportunities when customers call or mail, based on incorrect information.We painstakingly audit your local citations, and get out of date information replaced with the correct ones.


  • Citation Building: We study your business, and your competitor’s local listings, to come up with a list of locations where you should have citations present. We then build these by hand to boost both your Local SEO, as well as your inbound leads.


  • Reviews & Testimonials: Genuine reviews influence both potential customers as well as search engines. It’s important to get quality reviews, listed at reputable sources (Google Reviews, Trustpilot, Shopper Approved, Yelp etc.).We look at your competitor’s listings, and combine it with our expertise, to figure out a review & testimonial strategy for you. This ensures that your business benefits on a long term & consistent basis.


  • Tracking & Reporting: We will report our Local SEO activities in a clear and easy to understand manner, and will setup Tracking, so you can see the impact of the Local SEO campaigns on your website visibility and traffic.


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