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Ecommerce SEO

Are you stuck in a plateau with flat traffic and sales?

Partner with AfterFirst, a premier Ecommerce SEO Company,  and watch your transactions skyrocket.

The best part about working with us is that we own and have run several e-commerce portals for over 20+ years. When we offer ecommerce SEO services to you, we therefore think like a business owner, and focus on delivering results.

Some stats about the portals we own & operate:

  • 150,000+ Customers
  • Hands-on experience on platforms including Magento, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Zencart, CS-Cart and more.
  • Serving in 60+ countries
  • 15000+ orders each year.


Why does my Ecommerce store need SEO?

In recent years, there are two factors driving a tectonic shift in the world of ecommerce and search engine visibility:

  • The rise of Global online Marketplace behemoths (Amazon), and country specific giants like Alibaba (China) and Flipkart (India).
  • Major changes in requirements by Search Engines for a site to rank well (A mobile friendly website, HTTPS, site speed, valuable content etc.) A majority of these factors are driven by changing consumer behavior (e.g. shift in online purchase to the mobile), so these are good changes to adapt to.

The combination of these two factors, have caused many generalist and niche Ecommerce businesses to experience flat or declining traffic & revenues, as they are not able to adapt to the changed landscape, and thus rank well in major search engines.

The good news is that, with an experienced specialist at your side; and with the correct Ecommerce SEO strategy and framework, your site can thrive and dominate your niche. This can drive significant increases in traffic and revenues for your Ecommerce store.


Our Process


Step 1: Business Review & Online Strategy creation

E-Commerce SEO - Our Process

We interview the business owners, and other relevant stakeholders to understand your business, and industry. We map out your competitors, and build a detailed picture of the landscape of your store, and the other major players.

We then painstakingly study your Categories, Products, Pages, as well as your Sales volumes, Traffic, Conversion Rates and your Promotions.  We also review your web analytics, as well as search engine consoles to identify both opportunities, as well as any obvious issues (existing search engine penalties).

This allows us to identify areas where we can focus and generate maximum impact in the shortest possible time.

For a customer to visit your store AND generate a sale, a lot of moving parts need to align just right – some of which go beyond SEO. Examples are

  • Trust building measures on your site, in terms of social proof
  • Pricing and promotions
  • Exit-intent actions and cart abandonment recovery
We will therefore formulate a complete strategy to drive traffic and sales, and not merely talk about bringing certain keywords in certain positions (we will do that too!)


Step 2: Web Store Optimization

E-Commerce SEO Store Optimization


As we are running our own Ecommerce stores since 20+ years, we have a clear understanding of the technical factors, which increase both search engine rankings, as well as drive conversions by customers.

Our process includes:

  • Website structure analysis
  • Keyword list generation
  • Title Tag Analysis & creation
  • URL Structure and 301 redirects
  • Meta Descriptions (crafted to increase both rankings, as well as click-through-rate)
  • Google Webmaster Tools & Bing Webmaster Tools analysis (review of all errors & recommendations in their consoles, and recommendations on which fixes are urgent & compulsory)
  • Google Analytics review (Traffic Analysis, Bounce Rates, Conversion rates and more)
  • Sitemap & Robots.txt setup & review
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Broken link analysis
  • Backlink profile analysis
  • Server error analysis & fixes
  • Webpage Speed checks (from various countries, if you have international customers)
  • Load testing (is your website operating smoothly during holiday sales and flash sales?)
  • Duplicate Content Analysis & recommendations
  • Canonical Tag implementation
  • Writing Product Descriptions
  • Breadcrumbs analysis & setup
  • Review of your Checkout process to identify & plug leaks
  • Rich Snippets & User Generated Content
  • Blog creation
  • Cross-sells & Upsells
  • Advanced strategies like Abandoned Cart Recovery, Exit Intent Popups.
  • And over 20+ more areas
We do not have a cookie-cutter approach to the above – we will take time to understand your business, your budget as well as the low hanging fruits; and then craft a prioritized plan which makes sense in terms of the various business constraints and your specific needs.


Step 3: Content Marketing Plan & other Offsite Optimizations:

E-Commerce SEO Content Marketing


If we stop the process at only Steps 1 and 2, most stores will still see a significant uptick in traffic & conversions in a few months. However, we need to go a bit further!


Extraordinary long-term success comes from having a solid Content Marketing Plan in place, as well as ethnical white hat links, and social buzz.


We will do the following for your Ecommerce store:

  • Create, and execute on a Content Marketing Plan to make your company the authority in your field. This helps get valuable backlink, shares & mentions, which establishes you as the go-to resource both for search engines, and your potential customersOur talented writers and experts can create and market content like Blog Posts, Videos, Infographics, Articles on industry topics, and even ebooks & whitepapers.


  • We carefully Study your Competitors, as well as your Industry to determine sources of white hat links & mentions by adding value. This is a subtle process; and when done right, ensure you don’t land up with a Google Penalty down the line.


  • We find avenues of generating Social Buzz by way of having your products on facebook, Instagram, and endorsed by social influencers. This helps in both branding and sales.
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