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PPC & Google Ads

Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) is a highly effective platform to drive targeted traffic to your site, which results in sales and leads. Google Ads allows a business to instantly tap a pool of motivated buyers, searching with purchase intent.

Many Business Owners & Agencies struggle with generating effective ROI with PPC Ads, due to Incorrect setup or targeting. That wastes valuable budget, and drives up the costs significantly.

At AfterFirst, we leverage our vast experience with Google Ads in setting up, and managing ad campaigns which generates delightful results, in terms of conversions or leads.

Types of Google Ads

Most people associate Google Ads with the simple text ads that show up alongside the organic search results. However, Google Ads are far more evolved, and also comprise:

  • Video Ads on Youtube
  • Display Ads
  • Shopping Ad
  • In-App Ads
  • Visitor Remarketing Ads : Banner ads shown to people who already visited your site – to drive them to purchase!
  • Email List Remarketing Ads : Shown only to your email list – Google Ads allows advertisers to upload a permission-based list of email addresses, and show ads only to them. This is a great way to reach your existing customer database via a secondary channel.


Our Process

PPC Ads Process


  • Keyword Research: We collate a comprehensive list of both head keywords, as well as long tail keywords by reviewing your business, your competitors, and the industry. We then shortlist keywords, which have the potential to generate the best ROI, by identifying the keyword level competition and search volume.


  • Campaign Setup: We define a number of campaign level options like Geo-location targeting, exclusions, time wise targeting, device targeting and more. We will test these options, and continuously fine tune them to attain maximum targeting efficiency, and lowest costs.


  • Ad Copy Creation: We create ads with both static & dynamic content. We also conduct the painstaking process of including sitelinks, rich content, coupons and more to extract the maximum possible value from your ad, and make it stand out amongst your competitors.


  • Landing Page Design: Getting a customer to click on an ad is only half the battle – the other half is to ensure that customers end up buying (or filling in a lead form). Custom landing page creation is a highly crucial element of an effective Google Ads strategy, both for conversions, as well as for higher quality scores (and thus, lower costs per click).
We are one of the few agencies which will also take care that your landing pages don’t hurt the organic SEO of your website (by marking such pages as Noindex, Follow if needed). This helps you get good results, without putting your site at risk.
  • Conversion Tracking & Finetuning: We will constantly monitor your conversions and other relevant metrics, to ensure your campaign if performing optimally. We will whittle down and retain only the best performing keywords and ads, to ensure you get the best ROI possible. Some activities which we undertake to do this are:

Adding Negative Keywords to your campaign (e.g. people searching with FREE + keyword, or CHEAP + keyword, if it doesn’t make sense for your product & service).

Testing Ads with the highest click through rates, conversion rates, and lowest costs, so as to pick & retain winners

Optimizing bids & budgets to maximize desired outcomes

Adding day & time filters to weed out unproductive spends (e.g. running ads only on weekdays, or during certain time of the day, depending on what converts best).

Adding all possible extra Data Fields to your ads (Sitelinks, Ad Extensions, Rich Snippets, Reviews, Contact Info), to maximize your ad’s footprint on the search results page.

Apart from Google Ads, we also do PPC Ads on other channels like Bing, Linkedin and Amazon PPC. For advertising on Facebook, Instagram and other Social Channels, please see our Social Media Marketing Services.

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