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Google Search Console

Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) is an incredibly powerful console to see advanced information about your site; analyze issues, and fix them proactively; all in one place.

Proper setup, analysis and remedial steps taken on GSC can make your Website High Quality and easy to Rank, thereby Boosting Traffic. When you combine data from GSC with that of Google Analytics; you also get access to fine grained analytics regarding your site rankings and performance in search engines.

One way to explain Google Search Console is with the analogy a Parent-Teacher Meeting, with Google being the Teacher, your website being the Child, and you being the Parent. These meetings are a wonderful opportunity to get to know:

  • How are your child’s grades and report cards? (Traffic & Ranks of your website)
  • How is her attendance, and engagement levels in classes? (Crawl statistics and page speeds)
  • How social is she, and what are her favorite subjects? (Top Linked Pages, Ranks in various countries)
  • Are there any serious infractions or behavior issues? (Manual Penalties, and other notices like lack of mobile friendliness, pages with issues)
  • An opportunity for the parents to comment on reasons for issues (Some issue at home, leading to problems at school), and the remedial action taken.
  • An opportunity for the parents to communicate the child’s areas of interest and interesting work done (Submitting a sitemap of your website).


Unfortunately, a vast majority of sites don’t have GSC setup; or their IT departments or website agencies don’t share access or data with management, as a lack of business priority. This means you miss out on the vital two-way interaction as above.

We provide the following services to you:

  • Proper setup of your GSC console, and linking to your Google Analytics account. We ensure you have direct access to the data as well via your own Gmail account.
  • Detailed Health check of your site in terms of:
  1. Manual Penalties
  2. Duplicate content issues, as reported by Google
  3. Missing Meta Titles and Descriptions, as reported by Google.
  4. Your Top linked pages, and pages which link back to your website.
  5. Sitemap generation & submission
  6. Index Coverage, and our recommendations (how much of your website is indexed, and displayed in Google).
  7. Canonical URL issues.
  8. Mobile usability issues.
  9. Any other issues as reported by Google, and fixes
  • We will verify all 4 versions of your website in Google Search Console, and then conduct analysis in depth i.e.

This extra step makes for more work, but gives better results in terms of uncovering all data and potential issues.

  • In addition, in case of the unfortunate circumstances of a Manual Penalty, we provide a full Penalty Recovery Service, which includes Link Removals, submission of a disavow file, and crafting a well written response to the Manual Penalty notice.

As this penalty is issued after a human review, and the response is vetted equally carefully; you need expert help to make your way out of the penalty. We would be glad to apply our expertise towards helping you recover from such a penalty.

  • Periodic health checkups: This helps in boosting quality of your website on a long-term basis by:

Regular disavow of toxic links – safeguards against future penalties

Identifying pages with issues in terms of speed, missing links, lack of mobile friendliness etc.

Responding to duplicate content issues, or missing metadata on a proactive basis

Keeping sitemap regularly updated & free of low quality / outdated pages.


If you wish, we can even train you, or a nominee in your company to conduct these activities on an ongoing basis, inhouse.

Don’t let your website be dragged down by quality issue, or worse, get hit by a penalty. Take our help in setup and analysis of your Google Search Console account today!


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