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Working from Home Remotely – Our 5 Best Tips

While Work from Home is not a new concept, many have experienced it for the first time in the past few months. After the initial euphoria and the heady rush fades, one realizes the physical and mental toll it can extract, if not done right.

AfterFirst brings you our 5 Best Tips to make the best of the WFH experience!



  • At home, you are probably having to do with a makeshift cubbyhole where you have setup. It’s important to Invest in a posture correcting chair, and making sure you are not reaching down to work on your laptop. If necessary, prop up your laptop with some books underneath, and add a keyboard and mouse to get the correct posture.


  • Make it clear to the people around you that you are unavailable during work hours, except for the (frequent) work breaks you take. The defined boundries will help you get a sense of accomplishment for work, and also enjoy mini time offs with loved ones throughout the day, without feeling frazzled.


Work from Home


  • Take a Short Walk every couple of hours, or do some light Stretching Exercises. When you are working out of the home, you are missing out on all the small walk-abouts you do throughout the day at office. Hence it’s important to compensate.

You can even club these light exertions with some uplifting music to give you twice the boost!


  • Make a Prioritized To-Do List. Knocking items off a list will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, and gives you momentum throughout the day. Looking at your To-Do lists over a period of time will help you get satisfaction on how much you accomplished over a period of time.

If physical lists are not your thing, you can use any time tracking + list app, or a project mangement tool, which can show a visual representation of your accomplishments over time.


  • Set a Clear Time when you wrap up, and stick to it. If you are the sorts to lose track of time, use an alarm clock.  You need time-off at the end of each work day to unwind, before hitting the sack. Preferably banish all screens during your unwind time, and find your favourite activities.

Some popular recommendations are meditation, reading a physical book, or grooving to some great music.


So there you have it. These may sound simple, but trust us, your WFH experience will go much better with these basics in place. Do let us know about your WFH Stories and Tips in the comments section below.

Amit Khetan

Amit is an E-Commerce Entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience of running successful B2C portals. He is an Ex-Corporate Banker (Citigroup) and an IIM-Ahmedabad Alumnus

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